Measure a Room Using Your Laser Tape Measure


A laser tape measure is an innovation of the advanced technology and is gaining profound usage in construction sites. It is a simple device which is accurate enough to measure distances up to 650 feet. The features of this tool make it an ideal device for construction sites. Moreover, the device makes room in the toolbox of a residential setting which helps to measure interior areas to a great extent. In case you want to renovate your house or make any sort of changes, the first thing you have to do is know the size of the room. Gone are the days when you had to take a traditional tape to complete the room measurement.

Now we have laser measuring tapes which is going to make your work easier and much more convenient. Traditional tapes required, manpower and at times it is difficult to get the appropriate dimensions. But with laser tapes, there is no room for discrepancy. You will get accurate measurements of your room. Have a look at the steps to measure a room with the help of a laser measure tape.

Step 1: If you need to hit a target then make sure that the right one. If the distance of the room is 100 feet then you can use laser tape to measure the dimensions of the room. But if you work for a room which is more than 100 feet then you might need a target to start measuring. Latest models can easily measure up to 300 feet.

Step 2: You need to place it against a base and aim the laser dots with the area you want to measure. You can see a button which is marked as ‘measure’ on the tape. Push the button and instantly you will have the reading flashing on the mini screen.

Step 3: A high-tech laser tape will have subtraction and addition keys attached to the tape. You are expected to practice this triangulation measurement if you do not want to take up a target. Force push the addition key by standing at the corners of the room. They will help you measure the dimensions with the corresponding points. Accompany this procedure by pushing the equal button to get the complete size of the room. 

If the rooms are big then you can have an issue while noticing the red dots on the far away objects. In this case, you will not be able to comprehend the appropriate distance. You can use an alternative viewfinder which helps you to see far off objects by magnifying the view.


It is imperative to examine the adjustment of your laser tape regularly. Over time the alignment might change and the measurements will not be accurate. With hi-tech mind comes innovations like laser measure tape. You need to be smart in order to make your life less tedious and more effective. Follow the steps to measure your room with a laser measure tape.